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Since 1978

Restaurant Rubes serving Rigaud, Vaudreuil & Hudson, QC,  is the perfect gathering place to relax and unwind. In a rich country setting featuring open brick, natural wood and stone with a large central fireplace in each of the two dining area.

Discover Restaurant Rube and you will appreciate why many people consider it their favourite place to dine.

Lee and Antonio

Lee Michaelson - OWNER

Owner and keeper of the smokehouse is Lee Michaelson. His passion for food, creativity and customer focus motivated him to become a restaurateur. He became co-owner of Restaurant Rube shortly after it opened and continues to bring his fervor for culinary delight to his clientele.

Antonio Napoli​ - KITCHEN


The kitchen staff is headed by chef Antonio Napoli who has been mastering the art of cooking since he was thirteen. With a zest for continuously improving his dishes, Antonio creates classic meals combined with his flair for innovation and refinement. Antonio says “I love everything about cooking. When I am in the  kitchen, I am in my glory”

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